We’re inundated with new marketing strategies, social media, technologies and new platforms. Things change quickly online, and it’s hard to know what to follow and what to ignore. That’s why we’ve created a unique guide with time-tested and proven tools that NEVER go out of style…see the landing page here.

Marketing That Never Goes Out of Style: No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Selling Your Services.

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The purpose of our guide is to share effective, low cost, online marketing strategies that never go out of style. For example, having great customer service will never go out of style. Providing a value packed product will never go out of style. “Being Yourself” and expressing your brand, and who you are, will never go out of style.

Please take your area of expertise and write ONE clear tip that’s relevant to a permanent and lasting marketing model.

For example, if you’re a ‘personality type expert,’ your tip could be about understanding your clients/customers unique personalities in order to provide a great product & service.

If you’re a money coach, your tip could be about raising rates. For example, most people assume having ‘low’ rates will = more clients, but if you’re low-balling yourself, you’ll come across as low value, not to mention provide a shoddier service because you won’t have enough quality time to decide to each client/customer.

SOLO Email Copy:

Subject: chasing unicorns

Hi [First Name],

Does marketing ever feel like chasing a unicorn?

You know… The promise of magic, but the experience of shoveling the stable.

Let’s cut through the BS. In fact, let’s go straight to the top.

Talk to any master-level performer, whether it be in business or ballet, and they’ll tell you the most important skills to master are the basics. They’re tested and proven tools for maximizing performance.

So, why is it when it comes to marketing, we go crazy cashing in on the latest trend?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because we’re passionate about making a difference and succeeding in our business. But that passion (and sometimes the fear of failure) gets in the way of using tried and tested methods. We want to ride a magic unicorn to the top of the ladder.

You see, as entrepreneurs, we’re dreamers and people willing to jump into the unknown. We like forging through new territory! That’s awesome for starting a business. But it’s exhausting and ineffective for marketing.

(Check out what I mean HERE. )

There’s no reason to use valuable time and energy reinventing the wheel when there are proven methods—tried and tested tools—that NEVER go out of style.

They are the EXACT things you need to:

Grow your list
Build your reputation
And enjoy repeat sales

…Without the waste of trial and error!

My friends, Ashley and Pia, got together with other successful entrepreneurs and put together an amazing resource that delivers no-cost, low-cost weapons for marketing your business.

I’m very proud and excited to be part of this project, and I think it’ll make a HUGE difference for everyone wanting affordable and more effective marketing.

To claim your very own free copy, click here for ➔ Marketing That Never Goes Out Of Style: No-Cost Low-Cost Weapons For Marketing Your Business


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Grow Your List, Reputation, And Repeatable Sales, without the Waste of Trial And Error, Get the Free Guide: www.myoldschoolmarketing.com

Marketing That Never Goes Out of Style: www.myoldschoolmarketing.com
No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Marketing Your Business

www.myoldschoolmarketing.com: WARNING: This is not pie-in-the-sky theory, like most business guides.
You’ll get under-the-radar tips, tricks, and marketing hacks from online-based entrepreneurs to wow your high-ticket clients, keep them coming back, and have them referring their friends.