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About the podcast

Small business owners are inundated by promises of marketing tools and tips from chop-shop agencies, making trying to understand which route to pursue overwhelming.

Pia Larson of the Fingerprint Marketing Agency is a long-time entrepreneur and marketing expert. Driven to put her business on the map so it could market itself while allowing her to focus on her passion for helping others out of marketing jams.

Offering tune-ups to complete overhauls, Pia has a proven track record in helping clients leave their unique fingerprints on the market. Using her own experience, research, and training from navigating the digital landscape, she is ready to provide listeners with a roadmap for growing leads and driving business.

Each episode of MAKE YOUR MARKeting features informative interviews with industry experts, powerful experiences about others who have crashed and recovered, and Pia’s rules of the road. Pia is a professional driver; she maps out successful marketing strategies that leave a unique mark and make sense for her clients.